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  • What is Cryo Sculpting?
    Cryo Sculpting is a new form of fat freezing (cryolipolysis) and body contouring. We use the newest & most innovative cryo-aesthetics equipment currently available. Utilizing our specialized equipment, liquid CO2* is instantly transformed into a dry gas. This hyper-cooled gas is sprayed on the treatment area in a high velocity. This technique is safe, effective, and comfortable. *Liquid Co2 is carbon dioxide gas that is highly compressed and cooled to a liquid form.
  • What is Cryolipolysis?
    In simple terms, it’s a method of freezing fat cells below the skin’s surface (subcutaneous fat) in order to destroy them. By reducing fat in this manner, we are able to reshape the contours of the body in a non-invasive way. Prior to Cryo Sculpting, the most common types of cryolipolysis treatments have CoolSculpting, CryoSkin, & Cryo T-Shock.
  • Cryo Sculpting vs CoolSculpting: How is it different?
    CoolSculpting charges per area of the body, and can be a minimum of $1000 for one (1) session to treat an area such as your stomach. To treat a similar area, Cryo Sculpting would be less than 1/3 of the cost! CoolSculpting uses applicators & suction to freeze fat. Cryo Sculpting is performed by spraying hyper-cooled CO2 (a dry gas) on the area in a high intensity. Because of this, we can reach more areas on the body than CoolSculpting can. On rare occasions CoolSculpting can result in some delayed onset pain, typically beginning several days after treatment. This normally subsides within 1-2 weeks. In contrast, clients may actually feel more energetic after a Cryo Sculpting treatment. In a very small number of cases, a CoolSculpting treated area can harden into a butter stick-shaped lump (paradoxical adipose hyperplasia). This will never occur with Cryo Sculpting, since the treatment uses a spray-on application. While very effective in freezing fat, CoolSculpting treatments can feel uncomfortable to some due to the combination of suction and cold. In a Cryo Sculpting session, clients may experience being cold, but will not experience any discomfort. CoolSculpting treatments are usually 45-60 minutes. A single Cryo Sculpting session (area) is roughly 15 minutes on average, from start to finish. With CoolSculpting, results can be seen approximately 4 weeks to 4 months after treatment. With Cryo Sculpting, some may see results after the first treatment. For others, results can normally be seen within 7-21 days. Individual results may vary. Of course there are other differences, so if you’d like to learn more, please do let us know!
  • What should I do to prepare for a Cryo Sculpting appointment?
    • Be sure to wear or bring the appropriate clothing • Increase water intake (preferably with lemon) • Avoid alcohol 1-2 days prior to treatment • Avoid caffeine day of treatment • Do not wear / apply any creams in the treatment area • Do nothing to increase body temp (no warm clothes) • In cold climates avoid using car seat heaters • No working out / exercise before • Skin should be free of sweat • Note any marks, scars, or sores in treatment area prior to treatment (We’ll also bring these to your attention)
  • How long will it take to see results after a Cryo Sculpting treatment?
    Some may see results after the first treatment. For others, results can normally be seen within 7-21 days. Individual results may vary.
  • Does Cryo Sculpting hurt?
    No. Clients may feel cold, but should not experience any discomfort. Some clients will feel more energized after a Cryo Sculpting session.
  • Are there any side effects with Cryo Sculpting?
    Clients may experience: • Increased energy & feeling happy • Some temporary redness in the treatment area • Possibly more frequent bathroom visits (body flushing out the dead fat cells) On rare occasions, if a treatment area is somewhat over-exposed to cold, a skin burn may occur. These can be easily treated with ointments such as silver dioxide, Silver Miracles Colloidal Silver Gel, Improved Medihoney Gel Wound & Burn, or other similar over-the-counter ointments.
  • What should I do after a Cryo Sculpting session to maximize my results?
    We recommend following these best practices & guidelines: • Continue to increase your water intake and add lemon and/or apple cider vinegar if possible • Avoid alcohol after treatment (1 day) • Exercise daily for 15-30 minutes • Massage the area. Optional: wear compression clothing if available • Avoid sugars (especially fructose), refined grains (especially gluten), and chemically modified fats • Limit high salt foods for 1-2 days post treatment • Take Magnesium or Herbs such as Goldensea, Calendula, Echinacea, and Astragalus • Do deep breathing exercises • Perform dry brushing in sweeping motions, always toward the heart The above are all known to promote healthy lymphatic drainage.
  • Are the effects of Cryo Sculpting permanent?
    Cryo Sculpting does permanently freeze & kill existing fat cells. However, if one does not maintain a healthy diet and exercise, new fat can develop.
  • How many Cryo Sculpting sessions will I need?
    Each individual will respond differently to a Cryo Sculpting treatment. Generally speaking, more than one treatment will be needed to see longer-lasting results. Please ask us about our package discounts.
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